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Baby Paul’s Arrival ~

paulwelcometotheworld 300x225 Baby Pauls Arrival ~

8 pounds 14 oz

So, the rest of my pregnancy went well except for the 3rd trimester. My Obgyn was worried that baby Paul would be too big to deliver vaginally. One thing I think that insurance companies should do for high risk diabetic pregnancies is to allow for a 2nd ultrasound to be done in the 3rd trimester to determine the baby’s size. I was wishing the entire week before the delivery that they would do an ultrasound just to put my mind at ease as to how big the baby would be. I was more worried about if the baby would be delivered vaginally versus a c section. I was lucky that I have a doctor who is amazing and lets you try to deliver vaginally first and doesn’t make a quick decision to have c sections all the time.  Baby Paul was a whopping 8 pounds 14 ounces delivered naturally.  Delivering a baby that big naturally is not an easy task and made me realize for the next kids ( assuming I ever want to have kids again after that big of a baby)  I need to get rid of my diabetic status and work on losing more weight. The other frustrating thing about being a diabetic and going through delivery is they must have checked my blood sugar ( pricked my finger) more than 20 times. Ouch! I have no idea why they were so concerned with my blood sugar when you can’t eat while in labor… if anything my blood sugar was lower than normal.  Now that I have delivered a healthy baby boy, who is not diabetic himself, I can focus my blog on dealing with diabetes in general and how I am personally trying to defeat my disease and get healthy. So, heres to the next few months on becoming healthier and having the energy to keep up with my two sons. It’s going to be so worth it!

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